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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An end in sight!

I went to the fabric store and got the matching material that I needed. I've been working hard and only have 2 more blocks to finish- You can see in the picture that they are partially done. I think I'll make 3 so I can replace the square with more green in it- I like the green square but didn't have enough green to make more than one. I did a closer picture of 2 of my new squares so you could see the fabric I got. It's just a little darker than I thought it was but I think it will work out just fine.
It may be another week before I'm far enough along post the finished quilt top. I really enjoy quilting but was feeling cluttered with my iron, ironing board, cutting mat, fabric and sewing machine all out. I put it all away and am excited to get some fresh air.


From Me to You.... said...

Good for you Maggie. Keep up the good work and I'll be checkin' up on you. I love this blog. I felt bad you went "private" on your other one but I enjoy checkin' in on this one once in a while. Jillyn.

Theo Fam said...

Maggie-I just found your blog through Martha Fetzer's blog, and thought I'd say hello. THis is Allison Martin Theodosis by the way. I think your quilt looks great. This blog is amazing! I'm also aspiring to become a Profi Frau so I appreciate your help. :) Hope all is well.