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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Cute Dishes I've been Coveting


As most who read my blog(s) know, my husband Justin, is a true cowboy. I have always thought cowboy themes were cute, and having a cowboy around is the perfect reason to indulge, right? Well, anyway, they sell these at Kohl's and I was there today. One of those things that I know I don't need (I really love the dishes I have from my wedding, and have plenty of them), but I just think these are really fun. Plus, it probably doesn't help to have a mom who has millions of fabulous serving dishes.

Today was the first time I had seen the "regular" collection. I was secretly coveting the Christmas version during the holidays, to go with my cowboy Christmas theme. I saw them at the store and went back to look at them (while I was still at Kohl's) about 4 times, but never mentioned it to anyone. Boy, was I surprised when I opened my sibling gift from Justin's sister and she had given me some of those dishes so that I can do some fun entertaining during the holidays. I can't wait to use them, and maybe just knowing they are packed away in my garage, will get me through. Sigh. Is that dramatic enough for you?

Lesson #1- Profi Frauen are frugal.

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J&A said...

Hey Maggie! I am glad that you found our blog. Your new dishes are cute! I love cowboys too. It is good to catch up and see how life is going for you. Are you guys in vet school? if so, where?? You seem like you are enjoying being a mommy and doing domestic things! Keep in touch!