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Friday, February 1, 2008

Meine Mutti

Today is my mom's birthday. I decided to do her birthday post on this blog because my mom totally embodies what a Profi Frau should be.

My mom, Ruth Ann, is good at just about everything. Now, I may be partially biased because I'm her daughter, but I know that hoards of people agree with me. My mom is an excellent cook. I'm really impressed that while we were growing up we almost always ate as a family and she often made breakfast too.

My mom is an excellent seamstress and I remember her making multiple dresses and outfits for me. I actually wore a ton of homemade clothes until about 7th grade when I finally decided that maybe jeans might be more stylish than knit pants.

My mom is also really supportive. She takes good care of us- near or far.

My mom is an awesome Nanny (grandma). I was always worried that she would be too tired by the time I had kids. I'm always amazed that she finds the time in all of the hustle and bustle to make all of her grandchildren feel special and important (surely something that she learned as a mother, making all of us feel special).

My mother is an amazing spiritual guide. She has such amazing knowledge and faith and I've appreciated her example of scripture study, attending the temple, and most importantly- being a christlike person. She truly is the salt of the earth.

I never cease to be amazed by my mom's intelligence. She speaks Spanish, can do math quickly (like when I call from the fabric store to ask her how much fabric I should get for a project), speaks English real good, and she just seems to know the answer to almost every question (still- which is why I call her multiple times a day).

My mom is bright and cheery and seems to make others instantly feel welcomed and loved. I could go on for pages about all of the other ways that my mom is my hero. I love you mom and hope you have a wonderful day. Oh, and a profi frau holds her age well. Congrats.


Krista said...

I totally agree with you Mags! Happy Birthday to a wonderful Mother-in-Law! I always feel so honored and lucky to be a part of the family.

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