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Sunday, January 13, 2008

A chic solution for nursing mommies

This is an example of the nursing covers I just made. They resemble those of a company I first knew of as bebe au lait

Of course, the matching diaper burp cloth I made.

All packaged up and ready to give away to my cute friends so they'll have them when their babies arive.


Carrie said...

So you'll definitely have to teach me how to make these--nice work! Mag you really are the blogging queen--how do you find all the time? It's super fun for me though cause I love to check all my favorite blogs at least once a day :)

The Burts said...

Well done my domestic friend. I have to be honest, I am sad you and some of yours went private because I enjoyed checking on your siblings little families. Maybe they hate that though. Anyway, I like the new blog, where and how do you get the unique backgrounds? Have a good one.

Chelsea said...

Cute idea Maggie! I love this blog, with recipes and QUILTING!! I'm for sure going to be checking the patterns out!

Mary said...

mags. nice work. they look cute all packaged up. Tell Justin I can see his legs sticking out from underneath the nursing cover. ;) che scandalo!