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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Profi Frau

Well, you see, I'm not really a profi (professional) Frau (wife). I'm just a hard-working wife and mother who is learning how and someday hopes to be a Profi Frau. My mother and mother in-law are both what I would call Profi Frauen. They both majored in Home Economics and are amazing and clever at doing all sorts of motherly and domestic things. I hope for this new blog to be a forum for me to post about clever things I learn to do, and to share with you my successes and failures on the road to becoming a Profi Frau. Enjoy.


Chelsea said...

Maggie, is this you? I see you've gone private on your other blog....please invite me! email chelstep28 at yahoo dot com

Chelsea said...

or same first part at gmail dot com!

Katie Jane said...

Hi Mag,
Thanks for visiting my blog! How in the heck are you? Last I heard you went on a mission? That could be wrong, too. I love your nursing cover-ups, too. That is always a problem for me. How do I get one/make one? Do you have another blog? I want to catch up with what's up in your life. Take care,
Katie (Caldwell)

Flori said...

Hooray! MJLG is on the road to Profi Frauerdom! You're so awesome and I'm so proud of you for learning new tricks!