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Monday, January 28, 2008

Quilting, quilting, all the day

Well, last week I made 3 more quilt squares. I was going to wait to post and be really diligent so I could post 6 or 9 squares all at once, but let's face it- I didn't meet my goal. That could mean #1) I'm a slacker #2) I'm a busy mom who has a life outside of quilting. Although both are often true, I'll have to stick with #2 as my excuse.

Anyway, I'm wanting to hit this project hard because I don't like pulling my cutting mat out every few days, just to put it all away. Here is my latest update... I made a square with the star part in green because it worked better with the scraps I had. See Below.
Now, I've cut out enough of the paisley (yellowish fabric) to finish my quilt. I also have enough green scraps to finish the quilt. unfortunately, I ran out of the maroon fabric, so I need to run to the fabric store before I can do any more. The good news- Only five more blocks before I can sew the whole top together.

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