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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Washcloth puppets

Washcloth Puppets

Found this free pattern on Pretty cute, huh?




  • Four Washcloths, two white, one black and one peach
  • One 6" x 3" (15 cm) x 7.5 cm) piece of fabric, white
  • Two Skeins Embroidery Floss, black and white
  • Water Soluble Pen
  • Paper Backed Fusing Web (opt.)


  • Four Washcloths, three pink, one white
  • One 5" x 5" (12.5 cm) x 12.5 cm) Piece of Pink Gingham
  • Two Skeins Embroidery Floss, black and white
  • Water Soluble Pen
  • Paper Backed Fusing Web (opt.)


  • Two 12 1/2" x 13" (32 cm x 33 cm) washcloths, light brown
  • Three Skeins Embroidery Floss, black, white and pink
  • Water Soluble Pen
  • Paper Backed Fusing Web (opt.)


Faces and Appliqués

  1. Pin patterns to washcloths placing bottom edges of puppet pattern on finished edge of cloth. Do not cut yet. Transfer MARKINGS for faces.
  2. Embroider nose, eyes and paw pads using a SATIN STITCH. Embroider mouth using a CHAIN STITCH. Cut out body pieces.
  3. Cut out appliqués for bunny ears and muzzle, cow head patches, body spots and muzzle. Appliqué pieces to puppet bodies.

Bunny Ears

  1. Appliqué gingham inset to front of ear.
  2. Stitch ear front to back.
  3. Trim Seams. Clip curves and turn right side out.
  4. Form tuck at the center of the ear.
  5. Baste ears to head, having raw edges even

Cow Ears and Horns

  1. Stitch ear front to back.
  2. Trim seams.
  3. Clip Curves and turn right side out. Fold along fold line. Baste to head, having raw edges even.
  4. Fold horns in half with right sides together, stitch curved edge. Turn right side out. Press seam to center back. Stuff lightly. Baste to head having raw edges even.


  1. Fold up lower edge of puppet front along fold line, forming pocket. Baste along side edges to hold in place.
  2. Stitch front to back at side seams. Clip curves. Trim seams to 1/8", turn right side out.
  3. Top stitch 1/8" inch all around leaving lower edge open.


Jillyn said...

Cute patterns. I especially like the bag (one can never have too many bags)so I'm going to try it today. I need an invite to your other blog so I can keep up with your Vet School experience and your cute family.

MBurt said...

Mags, I don't know if you know I am the enrichment leader and so I now love your blog for all your cute ideas. I am going to have to use these. So, thanks. Sorry, that my phone died when we were talking. Then we went camping for the weekend and have been out of touch. I will call soon.

Ry and Steph said...

meine guete!! You ARE becoming the profi-frau!! We're so impressed! It's so good to be in contact with you all again...give your cute family hugs for us...and we'll have to stay in good contact now :) Thanks for your kind words of encouragement...they have really meant a lot to us! said...

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