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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Super cute and easy placemat bag

I am going to be an instructor to show people how to make these bags at church, so here are my step by step instructions. This project took 30 min -1 hour. It was really easy and a lot of fun.
Find a cute placemat. I got this at Target and then I cut off the long edges to use later for the handles.Sew the placemat on two sides.
Make a triangle on the side of the bag to create a box seam. (this gives the bag a boxy look and helps it to stand alone).
When you've done both sides it should look like this.
Add the handles (I made mine about 12 inches) and turn the bag right side out. This is a great size bag to carry scriptures in.


Amber P. said...

My sister-in-law made one of these. They are very cute. So you fold it in half with the intact edges at the top? And do you need to do anything with the raw edge of the handle? I see Christmas presents in the works!

Tammy said...

I stumbled upon your blog and the bags are great! I made a couple bags for Christmas presents this year. Thanks for the idea!!