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Monday, February 4, 2008

Embellished Dishwashing Gloves

Well, I had seen these before at a store and thought they were cute, so I looked them up on-line. There are some cute embellished dishwashing gloves and some not so cute, but I thought they would be a fun gift for my mom for her Bday. This is what I came up with. A little impractical? Yes. Do I really wear dishwashing/cleaning gloves? Not really. Why would I decide to make something impractical that might never get used? They were cute and stylish.

In my quest to find the cutest dishwashing gloves, I came across a blog that talked about how people who are not domestic might try to use cute gloves and aprons to fool others into thinking that they are. Whatever the purpose, this is how I made them.

I bought a quarter flat of fabric from the fabric store. I also bought a little more than a yard of lace, and some coordinating ribbon. Then I got my dishwashing gloves. I found this cute orange color at Target. Target also had a pretty blue color. Many grocery stores carry yellow, pink , and I've even found green before. Stores like Lowes carry black latex gloves that would maybe work well too (I'm not sure how thick they are). As far as sizing goes, get a bigger size than you might think. I got a small/medium at Target (that's all I could find) and they were on the surprisingly small side.

Anyway, cut your fabric to the desired size and sew right sides together to make a cuff. Sew any embellishments (like my lace) onto the cuff or before you make the cuff.
Once it is ready, hand sew the cuff onto the glove. I just used regular thread but I'm wondering if you could use something that would leave more "give" in the glove.

The last step is to hot glue some ribbon where the fabric and rubber glove meet. Good luck.


Carrie said...

Mag--you are so crafty and I'm loving it! What a fun idea. I NEED to wear gloves because my poor hands just get hammered--especially in the winter--after all the dish and kid and hand washing I do because of my 2 kiddos :)

And I love your retreat counter--I am getting super excited for it too!!

Flssgrl said...

Very cute....often when sewing crafts or non traditional items or just for sewing on buttons I will use glide dental floss. The shirt will fall apart before the buttons come off...maybe it would work with the gloves as it has a nice thickness and is slippery and great with water :)